GB Row 2013

Ocean Rowing FAQ’s

Q. What will you eat?  How much will you eat?  Won't you waste away?

A. Primarily a combination of re-hydrated freeze-dried food, Stoat's porridge bars for snacking, and Nairns oatcakes! (And fish that anyone catches…) Even if we put away ~6000 calories per day, we'll lose a lot of weight.

Q. Will we be able to follow your progress?

A. YES – a GPS position-trackers are attached to boats to follow progress.

Q. What are you going to drink?

A. We will desalinate sea water using an electrically powered desalinating machine incorporated into the boat. We'll also take some spare water as ballast.

Q. What are you going to wear?

A. Judging by previous ocean rowing expeditions, it'll range from full-on wet weather gear to absolutely nothing!

Q. Where will you sleep?

A. Ocean rowing boats are not built with luxury in mind… we'll have berths in the cabin that can sleep only half of the crew at any one time. The other half will be rowing or on watch.

Q. What happens at night?

A. We'll keep going in our shifts of 2-hrs rowing to 2-hrs resting and get as much sleep as we can.

Q. If we sail past can we come and say hello?

A. Absolutely – we'd love your support. Unfortunately, we're not allowed any outside support so we can't share a beer! However, encouragement at sea will be much appreciated.

Q. What happens if one of the crew gets sick or injured?

A. Safety is paramount. As well as a well-stocked first-aid kit and an on-board doctor, we have contingency plans in place in the event of serious injury.

Q. Won't you get sea-sick?

A. Most likely… there'll be no getting around it. We'll take plenty of seasickness tablets with us and hope that we get over it as fast as possible.

Q. How do you wash your clothes?

A. Ummmm…

Q. How do you wash yourself?

A. With the aid of a bucket…! And maybe the occasional swim…

Q. How do you go to the toilet?

A. With the aid of a bucket…   …a different bucket!